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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What Makes Roosters Tick?

What makes roosters tick? I thought it was just going in bare legged, but I was spurred with my long jeans on and it hurts for a long, long time. Seems the Roo is doing his job protecting his girls and you either show him you're the alpha or back away and not take on the fighting stance. 

I was checking for eggs so I guess he thought I did not belong there. They say if you are feeding he does not think you are encroaching on his turf.  I was politely giving him a baptism every time he came after me.

One site said carry him around for 10 minutes for three weeks and then you will be the alpha Roo the other one told me to grab him and hang him upside down until he quit showing out. Duh! How are you going to do that when he is showing himself.

They also said keep the little ones away as they think they are predators, both the grandsons got spurred if I had known they would have not gotten close.

Of course, the little one was two and he went to see the horse pet his nose nicely and then made a fist and reared back and hit the horse in the face. Unbeknown to him I was watching and told him I did not want to see that behavior again.

I guess I will continue to carry a big stick and watch for the behavior and give him a wide berth. He is beautiful just full of himself, and if he wants to be the alpha go for it just do not hurt me again.
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