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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Lost Art of Homesteading

The lost art of homesteading. We get credit on our taxes for having a good share of land as a homestead exemption. You can also get credit for conservation if you have over 12 acres.

When I was younger we homesteaded. We lived on the land, 40 acres and had to clear 5 acres and plant a crop, which we did we planted oats.

I remember picking up little branches and putting them into a pile. We would save our dimes and nickels for the once a month trip to town. We kept our money in an old paint tin that used to house water colors. I remember at least 3 buggies full of food going back to the cabin.

We ended up putting a small cabin above the clearing, it had to be removed as people were putting out their cigarettes inside.  It was nice to have a shelter when we took people to visit.

The one we lived in was further down the mountain and we had no indoor plumbing and the toilet was housed in the back constructed of four doors. Hence the name, no one really knew what you were talking about when you said the four doors.

Dad had to go look for our dog one night, she had so many snowballs stuck to her that she was weighed down.

We had a little mailbox that the neighbor would leave comic books in for us. That was a real treat that we looked forward to.

I told Mom that I remember the awful bath days and I was the third one in the tub, it is funny how you remember smells from the past. She said I was the last one to use the water. We had water brought up in 5 gallon cans like the army used.

I think I only missed one day of school and Mom had gotten the jeep stuck. We returned to the mountain often to pick blueberries.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

You Do Not Have To Be A Monk To Do This!

You do not have to be a monk to do this! The value of meditating has been known for a very long time.
Set aside a short amount of time to meditate.

There are many forms of meditation and they are all beneficial to you. 
Do you want to be successful? 
Do you want better health? 
Do you want to reduce stress in your life?

All these benefits and more come with a special time away from the rigors of your work day.
Find a place away from all distractions and a comfortable chair. If you use meditation CD's then it is a good idea to have headphones. Concentrate on the program and not what you are going to make for supper. This will keep you calm and relaxed and able to cope with your everyday life.

If you are just using a place and time to concentrate on a mantra, use one that is personal to yourself. Repeat it quietly, loudly, as you feel it will help you. The last moments of your session should be in quiet. After that take time to reflect and rise slowly.

Achieve more in the concentration that will inspire you. This will release the stress and allow your brain to think clearer. I feel better if I take time to meditate during the day and it makes life seem on an even keel. If you have not tried it, give it a chance.

This was shared with me and you are welcome to use it yourself. A short session of Fifteen minutes.  
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Courtesy Builds Your Business Successfully

It does not matter if you are working online or off. You need to always treat your people with good manners. Customers will take their business elsewhere if you do not.
When you have started building your list then stay in touch and treat everyone with respect. Courtesy builds your business successfully.

If you take time to call someone that will make a better impression than a short email. Everyone likes to have personal attention. This will pay off in the long run because you will have secured a new customer for a long time. If they have a complaint and you call to work it out then they will know you care.

Make sure you over deliver! If you have promised an e-book then follow through and make sure it is delivered as soon as possible. Send a bonus that will compliment the product. Impress them with your high standards.
When you are on a business trip you take the time to tip the people that are waiting on you. They will remember to take good care of you! Good service needs your priority to have the service continue. Some people are depending on your tips to provide for their family.

People will respond to good courtesy. Remember to treat people the same way you would like to be treated. If you can do it in a more personal way this is exemplary. Impress them with your good sense of business. We see that our business will grow with the right attitude.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Building Traffic & Trust Together

Building your trust online is one of the major keys to becoming successful.
How can we do this, you ask? If you are looking for an easy way to bring
traffic to your site become an article writer.

Trust will come from the information that you convey to them in your articles.
Your building credibility with the folks that you will come in contact with online.

This has so many benefits to help your business prosper. This is also a method
that has no cost to you. You give some time to write the article and get residual
traffic for years.

When you have your articles published you can share them in newsletters and
other sites that are in your niche. If you are blogging give people a link to your
article to share with them.

This is something that you might even grow to enjoy. If you take the time to write
many articles there are benefits at the article directory too. When you become
a platinum author they will give your article priority and get it approved in 48 hours.
Make sure you use the signature file and only list your websites. They do not allow
affiliate links.

The part that is usually the hardest  for all of us is growing our business.
In order to grow our business online we need "TRAFFIC", this is a solution.

This is a very serious way to promote your site and the benefits help you build
credibility, trust and popularity for your site.

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Mentoring What Qualities Are You Looking For?

What is on the top of the list for you when you are looking for a mentor? Patience, guidance, someone that really wants you to improve in your goals working online.
Joining a mentoring program is another tool that will help you learn the skills needed.

I know the first mentor I had was a very skilled marketer not necessarily the most patient but he taught me a lot. He always told me when you start working with someone new "pick their brain" everyone knows something that you do not and you can learn from what they know.
This is so true I still find out shortcuts by listening to others. I also share what I have found to work well for me in my marketing.
Patience goes a long way. When you help others it is a form of mentoring, guidance to help them be confident in their selves. They can pass on what they have learned from you to others they work with.

If you are not happy with one form of mentoring, then try another. Everyone learns in different ways, if the programs with videos works then stick with it. If webinars are a better fit for you then listen and take notes. I enjoy the programs that allow questions at the end, to clarify what was discussed.

Find a mentor that will take the time to understand what you need. Follow through on the training so you will learn the skills in a shorter amount of time. 

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Traffic From Forums . . . Easy . . . Just Add Your Sig File

How to get valuable traffic to your website or blog. Look for forums that are related to your website so you are finding people in the same niche.

Use your keyword and add forum to find the ones that apply to your subject.

Register so you can add your content and a signature file that will direct them back to your site. Very simple add your user name, email and password and you are ready to go.
If they allow you to add your signature file then post it after your comment or discussion. 

If they do not allow you to post a signature file look for others that do. You are trying to get traffic to your site.
Look for the views of the posts you want to find ones that have big numbers that will tell you people are interested in what has been posted.

If you have a question about a new site you started ask others to check it out and give you comments or suggestions. It is human nature to want to help someone. When they are at your site they will be clicking on ads that are there. This is good traffic.

Do not blatantly advertise on the forums the moderators will remove it. It takes finesse to insert your comment and add a signature file to direct traffic.

This will bring traffic for many days from your effort of one. Do not ignore the effectiveness of bringing in traffic this way.


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Monday, March 17, 2014

Succeeding Starts With New Beginnings

How do you stay in touch with your members? You have brought people in with your squeeze page, now what? Your auto-responder is one of the necessary tools to get your business started. Your auto-responder messages will fill them in with followups that explain more about the niche they signed up with you for. You can also monetize your followup messages starting with the thank you page. Give them more than they expect. If they are trying to get more traffic to their promotion then introduce programs that will help them bring in traffic, be it from traffic exchanges, safe lists or viral mailers you have experience with.
If they are trying to make money then introduce them to programs that you have successfully made money with. You will keep your followers when you have delivered on what they need. Train them to click on your mailings, encourage them to go to your blog, or your website. Get them in the habit of doing this from the very beginning. In the auto-responder you can set up your followup, spacing it out in the number of days of preference. How often you will correspond with them is up to you. Try to stay in touch on a regular basis. The broadcast can be sent once or twice a week. Give value when you contact your people if you have found a tool that works excellently then pass it on.
They will know that when you send them from the email to another site that they will get more quality information. 

Enjoy your time on line!
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Friday, March 14, 2014

Developing Your Squeeze Page

What does it take to get a squeeze page that will convert very well for you? First off the squeeze page is for one thing only that is to get people to signup for your list. 

Do not put other offers or lead them away from what you are doing. Keep this straightforward and use it like it was meant to be designed to do. 

Use the "KISS Rule" Keep it so simple that they are going to want to signup right now for your list. List building is your first priority so the squeeze has to do it's job well. 

What do we need first a strong headline to lure them in to your offer. 

A couple of bullet points that will tell them the benefits. 

A clean image that introduces them to the offer of your squeeze page. 

Then you need a strong call to action. 

They can follow through signing up to your optin form. 

Don't use the same-o same-o tell them to click here for free instant access. Get them excited to give up their email address to you. 

Add a blurb about keeping their email private this calms the qualms people have about signing up. Try to keep this short and quick to read. 

People will not take time to scroll down so it is up to you to make this convenient for them to be added to your list. 

When you have your squeeze page setup then it is time to get your emails setup in your auto-responder. There are many steps to getting a list built but you can do it. 

The marketers that are making the money have their lists built.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Endings Just in Fairy Tales?

There is only happy endings when you get enough traffic to your sites to bring in profits.

There are many ways to get people to your site. Sites that you join will give you banners and text ads to promote advertising. 

This is truly a big biz in the online presence because we all need the traffic. 

Some sites are activity related if you login daily you will be rewarded with credits or points.

Being consistent will bring more traffic, sending out your ads every day. 

Using popups will bring more traffic to your site too. I know, I know who likes a popup. When you get a good one it shines whatever you are promoting. 
This is a plugin that finally worked and it is wonderful, now that I can get it to work then I can change it to ads that follow the seasons. 

I have downloaded many plugins but this one had a place to contact a real person with a phone number. I told him easy is never really easy. 

He helped me get it done and I was so pleased and if you are looking for a great popup just send me an email and I will be happy to share.

Building up traffic takes time use your blogs, your social sites and use your signature file in your emails to direct the people to your promotion.

When you do all the tedious workings it will help you find people that are looking for the same programs that you are sending ads out about. Do not lose site of the happy ending it will come.