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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Unwrap Yourself . . . Brings On More Time Outside

Well I found out the round bale of hay will unwrap itself. I have been spoiled using the square bales (not sure why they are called square) they are definitely a rectangle.

I was fortunate to have someone help me locate a source for round bales as the square bale source dried up. I had been peeling it off and didn't think to much about it until yesterday. It removed itself from the round and splattered on the ground until it ran into a tree.

Needless to say it had to go somewhere and someone had to take care of it. It sure takes up a lot of room when it is loose. I filled up the back of one shed and three appliance boxes and I wonder why my back feels like it does today. Remember the work you did the day before.

I just need to figure out what I did wrong so it does not happen again. One lady said tie a rope around it and leave the net on, mine came with twine but no net. I guess the idea would be to peel it off the whole thing and not give it a chance to get heavy and dislocate itself. Or have the bale bumped up against the tree.

It is getting way to hot to be moving the stuff back and forth. It's okay to get it to the horses three times a day but not moving it all at one time.  One site said you could cut it with a chainsaw not sure how that works.

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