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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

To Be a Serious Nut or Not?

Watch decisive movements and indecisive movements. A chipmunk will make the decision and cross the road to safety if he is running fast enough. A squirrel on the other hand is very indecisive he will dart and play chicken and get smashed into the pavement.

Are you going to be a chipmunk and do your due diligence and keep a sharp eye out and go for it? Or are you going to be like the squirrel and not have a clue how to make a decision to further your business.

Nature does play fascinating games with the critters that are sharing mother earth with us. If you slow down enough to watch them you can learn from them in many ways. Just like the ants we knock their mounds down that does not stop them from growing their home right back.

We are having a time getting through all the April showers. Tomorrow is May day and we can celebrate the coming of the flowers. When the dogwoods fade here come other blooms to take their place. The blooms are already on the blackberry bushes.

The wind has taken out many a tree branch and pruned them yet again. Off with the old and on with the new to renew our experience in nature. Enjoy your time in the wild and learn and enjoy the pleasures of nature. We need to set time off from our work at home desk to not forget what our surroundings have for us.

Enjoy your May Day With Sunshine in Your Heart if it is not in the Sky!
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Monday, April 28, 2014

Ease For Information Transfer

Comparing blogs to websites what are the pros and cons of each? If you have a website you know it is frustrating to add new content. When you look at the versatility of a blog, it is so much easier to add a new post.

This in turn brings the spiders from the search engine to your site frequently to see the new material. You can have the best of two worlds you can post to your blog and direct people to your website. If you keep your content updated frequently this will bring more visits from your people.

The internet is all about finding what is new. If you want your site seen more often, then keep posting new content. This is not hard with your blog, it is a good medium for your products or promotions to be introduced to the public.

Use your blog to bring in more income by bringing traffic from the search engine from your new content posted. It is not hard to add photographs of your products and we know a picture tells the clients more than just a text advertisement can.

This can be your only website if you are getting started. There are many platforms to add content, it is not a hard process to learn how to use. Most of the time there is tutorials that will lead you through the process of learning how to use the blog.

Keeping your business fresh is what it is all about. I use a pop-up on my blog and this brings attention to what I am advertising before they even delve deeper into what the blog holds. The widgets are there to help you, this one was free and works remarkably well.

Get funky and add up some great solo ads.
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Friday, April 25, 2014

I Don't Want To Give Up, Do You?

Do you use video? It is well known how effective commercials are on the entertainment medium of television. Using it in your site and blog will continue to bring interest to your promotion. If we want to keep up to date then we need to learn how to use new tools. So much can be conveyed very easily with a short film. It can be made with your own video camera and microphone right from your computer.

The system I use is Mind Movies, they have creative titles, music and pictures or you can load your own. Here is one of my favorite ones you can add a URL to the end of your movies here. Add the code to your site and bring your thoughts to life. Very inspirational and you can publish and send to places such as YouTube or save it for your own use. There are other places to send the published movies too and you can get the code and use it on your own site.

Making your movies with the information about your products will help people grasp your whole picture. If you are just trying to get the data about how your company runs this can be conveyed so much faster with a short video. These can be updated and replaced to keep your blog or site with new search engine friendly info.

Adding your video to your social media will encourage people to check out your website. Keep it short and to the point, this will help your audience learn about your products. Sometimes videos are used for entertainment and putting it on the social sites will gain a larger audience. There are programs that have used videos for a platform to include the call to action after the video starts to run.

Have a good time making movies, this comes across as the real you. Isn't this what you want people to know. IBO toolbox has a place to put movies now and they are business friendly! You will not have your movies removed because they are about your biz.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Traffic Discovery For Our Blogs

Blogging is an art form of expressing yourself. When you have your blog working and adding more content to it to keep it fresh, how do you get traffic? When you set up your blog you are thinking about what types of people that you are writing for. The blog directories will send people to your blog based on what you have included about your blog.

There are places such as blog directories that will help with the traffic to your new blog. They need for you to register and list all the perks of your blog so they know where to place it in the categories. This is a very simple procedure you know the ins and outs of your blog. Just list them and they will give their approval within a few days to let you know if you can be included.

Some will ask for your social site login URLs'. If they have upsales you have to determine what is good for yourself? When to say yes if you want more targeted traffic? If you want to jump to the front of the line for approval they will charge for this too. If you like the service consider putting a widget on your blog, so others can contact them.

References and are good places to start.

These are places you can visit other people's blogs. Make new friends if they have chat capabilities. We all have the same goals in mind if we are working or adding value for people online.  Get ideas of new posts for yourself. Sometimes we just need new ideas of where to start for more posts.

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Let's All Go To The Co-op!
What does a co-op do for you? Can you imagine what it would be like to have help? There is a good way to get more done with the help of a co-op. It is usually a one-time spend each month and they help get traffic to your promotion. We know traffic will help us because that is the lifeblood of our business.

The last co-op I found was for the banner collection. You upgrade and they will allow you to become a member of the co-op group, then they advertise your banners to plenty of sites to get them exposure. Click here

The nice thing about this is they allow you to list all your banners and set them up with one url in a group. This way with the rotator you have all your banners seen. You can change the priority if you want one seen more than the others.

Some co-ops are simply set up with your url and others and it will go through the list showing all of the urls. This way you are building all of the client's promotion at the same time. If you want to help your downline build this is a good way to do that. List all the urls and then just advertise the main url and everyone gets a chance to get traffic to their site. 

This will help people that are still learning how to promote. It can also help people that are working a full time job and do not have the time to put in as much promotion. This is not a quick fix as you will still want to do advertising of your own.

When you use a solo ad to multiple sites this is the same concept because you are reaching a greater number of people. You need to find out what works for you if the co-op is a good fit. If you have the money and not a lot of time then it might be a wonderful way to get more done.


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Friday, April 18, 2014

Focus Is Key To Making Business Prosper

What determines your success online? Is it every e-book you buy? All the courses you have finished? How many programs you have started and never followed through with?
Or could it be all of the above that is holding you back?

Have you found a program and totally focused on it. This is the challenge with so much going on and new programs starting. If you find a program that you truly believe in and stay with it and promote it hard then you will do fine. The whole key is to stay in tune with the program to build it successfully.

When you have your splash page out there to bring people into your program then your list building is working at the same time. When you have a list of interested people they will be there when you get this program where it needs to be to make money. Then, and only then should you think about moving to another project.

Knowing what has caused you to stumble in your success will allow you to find the focus. Your advertising will only be working for your single promotion. It will make your life simpler knowing that all the other things are not helping and you can stay away from them. Your only purchases should be advertising that will bring more clients to your promotions.

If you are studying, this should be to help you drive traffic to your site. Without the traffic you need your promotion will stall. Stay away from the other products that are trying to get you away from your promotion. They will tell you if it sounds too good to be true it most certainly is not. Do your follow-up and find what works for you.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Are You Saving Money Going Pro?

Have you considered going Pro? What does this mean in the programs you are using online? The benefits are numerous and if you have the money, upgrading will certainly save you time. It will also save you money if it is for a lifetime purchase.

When you look and see how much these monthly amounts add up to it can get out of control. When we get into the journey of working online than we need to understand we do not want to spend way more than we are making. The free versions take more time, but it is still a good thing to think about. When you have made money with your promotions then it is time to upgrade.

I would rather pay the lifetime and with the many OTO's (one time offers) that is an excellent time to jump on them. The money is spent and no more payments unless you want to purchase credits or solo ads to further your promotion. Even these will be less expensive if you are an upgraded member. If you have not opted into the OTO, then you can watch for specials that will appear days or weeks later.

Just like the programs with banner shows if it is an unlimited promotion, it is well worth spending a few bucks to have your advertising continue. These are working for you 24-7 and an excellent form of advertising.

Keep an eye out for specials on solo ads too. They are out there, sometimes it is good to wait for the holidays when they promote bargains knowing that people have gotten holiday money to spend. Why not save when you can and they can be stored for your next big promotion or product sale.


Monday, April 14, 2014

Ghostwritng For Online Profits

Do you like to write? If you want this to be your job online then you need to determine what kind of writing you want to do. If you want to write under your name then there will not be as many jobs.

Most people are looking for someone to write their articles or posts and they will take credit for what you have written. You will be a ghostwriter and get paid for working for others this way.

What kind of credentials do you need? To be professional you need to have everything in your correspondence spell checked and grammar correct. This starts with your emails to your clients. Get an email just for your writing with your first and last name. You do not necessarily need your own website to start but later on it would be more professional to have one.

If you see an advertisement for content writing this is for a website that is already established. They need articles and prefer not to write them. When they want articles with keywords of their choice they are working terms that can lead clients to their site. You will need to add the keyword several times inclusive of the article.

Where do you find work on the internet? Looking in the classifieds, freelance writing job sites and online boards will start your search. Now there are sites that have jobs listed so you can apply or signup to become a ghost writer on their site so clients can contact you. These sites are becoming more plentiful and they charge by the job, if you do send contact information include some samples that you have written. Writing for the internet is usually a short read 400-800 words. This is about all the attention span of the readers are interested in when they are reading on a computer monitor.
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Friday, April 11, 2014

Easy as 1-2-3 to Keep Your Sanity

Easy as 1-2-3 to keep your sanity. Working at home and running a family can cause an undue amount of stress if not done correctly.

You want the home business to succeed. How do you accomplish this? Does a schedule help you keep track of what you need to do. I think the Google calendar is great if it is something you will do every week, then set it up to continue weekly. Can some of the house chores be done on one day of the week? This way you can delve into your work without worrying about that.

You want your family to be happy. Our family comes first and foremost, so keeping them happy is on the top of the list. Take the family for field trips and just let work be there when you get back. Some work is automated and you will still see results when you come home. Take a day out early in the week to prepare the meals and snacks you will need. When you are too tired to cook warm up a casserole.

You want to have time for yourself to unwind and become stress free. There are times when you can take time out, like when the children are taking their naps or at school. We cannot become a slave to the computer we need to know what to get done and leave the rest to another day. I find meditation works to help relieve some stress in midday and helps your focus.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

What Do You Need To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

What do you need to be an affiliate marketer? Here are three things that are essential.

First off you need your own website so you have a platform to introduce yourself to your consumers. A good looking site that people want to visit is a priority. It is better to have articles to explain what you are promoting. This will show them that you are an authority and leads to your creditability. They can click off to the product or promotion and you can gain by a sale. Use a product review to help people better understand what the product does. Testimonials from people that are using the product will help too.

Give people an incentive to visit your site. Encourage them to signup for a newsletter or an e-zine that you have. Give them some piece of software that will help them with their promotion. Build a list so you can contact them again and they can become regular visitors to your site. With your list you can link it to your auto-responder and give them pertinent information to new products in your line.

Focus on the market that is interested in your products or affiliate programs. If you continue to write articles every week that will keep people coming to your site. List your site in the signature file of your article so they will return and find new products you have listed. Keep your site updated with all the new places you are using. Get your articles in multiple article sites to get the traffic your site needs.


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Monday, April 7, 2014

How To Get Your Spelling Spot On?

Do you realize the importance of leaving the clients with a good opinion of your writing. There is always room to improve but you need to keep your spelling correct. This leaves your clients knowing that you care about what you are doing.

I have the same feeling, I want to see that someone has taken the time to keep the spelling right on their site. It is something that is easy to do. You can use the spell checker to help you out but you will still need to proofread it or have someone else do it for you.

The spell checker will find words that are not the same in meaning for example: for and four they are spelled correctly but they are used different ways. Some newer words will not have the correct spellings in the spell checker and you will need to look them up.
Always know even with technology and spell checkers at your fingertips the best spell checker is you. You cannot replace our brains totally. It is a good tool to start your proofing.

Sometimes you think everything is right and if someone else proofreads for you they will find what you have read over and not found. You could be reading it as what you were thinking and it just does not click with you.

Correct your spelling in all your writing online and leave people with a good impression of your work. It takes a little time, but to do your job right this is uppermost in importance. This one is Bilingual, copy your message, blog post, article and click check at the bottom.

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Friday, April 4, 2014

What Do We Do To Stimulate Traffic?

Advertising is our lifeblood for traffic to our promotions. Without traffic our site and all the work we put in is essentially dead in the water.
What do we do to stimulate traffic to our site. Using ads effectively is one thing that will help. This is a learning process. When you look at other ads that keep your attention study them. Find out how the author has kept your interest.
Classified ads are very short and to the point. You have to shorten it down to the essentials to get your point across. You only have one chance to get their attention to your ad. The competition is steep. 
Four points to convey you will need to attract the attention of your prospect, get their interest in your product or promotion. Form the desire that will get them to follow through. It is up to you to demand action on their part. Tell them what you want them to do. 
If the ad is not read, it will not bring any signups or sales. If it is not seen by people, then it cannot be read, no matter how well you have setup your ad. The need here is that you have to grasp the attention of the reader to get the action that you want derived from your ad. 
When you use classified ads this is a way for you to test the waters without losing money. Don't use the big ad money until you have an ad that does what you projected for it to accomplish.

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