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Monday, November 10, 2014

Ready to Become The Next Internet Success Story?

DigiSoft Payline is taking the internet by storm. It does not matter when you come in because this is a legitimate biz. One time spend for package #1 and package #2 then to qualify you just have one person moved up at 1 and 2 at package #2.

Back office has an excellent mailer to contact your referrals. A tracker like no other to let you know what is working in your advertising arsenal. The site does all the selling for you. Get your site seen and the rest is in the control of the site and the admin. We have mobile marketing and it works folks when you get a confirmation that someone new came in it will tell you that they found your site on a mobile unit.

It is in your hands how you follow up. If you really want to get serious and become the next success story it is possible because the means is here. Ready for Christmas shopping? You could have a great time shopping for all your friends and family. Those payments come directly to you no middle man taking a big chunk or making you wait until the end of the month. You have the money in your hands or favorite payment processor within hours of someone telling you that they are sending the money. 

This is not only lucrative with the payments coming in but FUN! We just have to put in the time and the money will come in. Get er Done! If you have questions there is a tab to contact admin. He is one of the best! I have known him for over 14 years. He is not an admin that is here today gone tomorrow. He is here to stay and see that you get paid! 

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Here It Comes Again . . .

Summer brings another birthday for Mom and Dad wanted to remind me. I had one Leo myself so that reminds me of Mom's birthday.

I tell them to keep having birthdays so I will play catch up. Sure right I want them to outlive me or at least get into the 100's many people are doing that now. If they would stay away from doctors I know they would last longer. They are in the same mode as most old folks thinking doctors know it all. Not!

I like to send cards or presents that way it will not fit into the mailbox and the mailman has to hand deliver it. I think that is special! I went and got the pictures first this time. Last time my press release was typed and when I went to get pictures it was gone. I just walked away and tried to calm down before starting again.

The farrier came and the horses have pretty feet now. The older one was showing out during the last foot. The young one was great the whole way. I just did not want them to step on his injured feet. We got done and he was no worse for wear. He had his crutches in the truck but he just walked carefully and made it fine.

I told him how to back up but he either just did not listen or had it in his mind to do it his way. He ended up breaking a few things but I told him not to worry. I see why kids have problems when the adults do not listen either. I will give him credit where credit is due he is a super farrier and he doesn't make you wait to see him.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dog Days Are Here Again

A picture says it all! How to stay cool during dog days. The heat is fierce in the day and too warm at night. A few hours in the early morning and then the furnace is at work again.

This is how the pig relaxes in the dog day afternoon. She still tells me when she wants a cool mist from the hose. Other times she just dumps her bowl of water refreshes with a drink and then spills the rest and lays right down. All of her long hair has fallen out and she is left with spiky hair on her body.

Chickens are doing the same, losing the feathers to make room for the new ones that help them weather through the winter.

Getting hay for the horses I am getting pine cones and sprigs of pine tree dropped from above. I am sure they are getting fat for the winter sleep. I put the sprigs of tree branches in the goat pen. I never really thought about the tree parts being deposited by rodents.

I made an appointment with the farrier to work on the horses feet. He said, "where are they do I need to chase them down". He said he is on crutches after taking a spill in the water and landing on rocks and injured himself. Sometimes we have to act our age. It is hard to do that when we are enjoying the water to stay cool. The rocks in the creek get very slippery. I am sure he was having fun up to that time.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Time Management

I like the idea of not wearing a watch or depending on an alarm clock. As far as I am concerned alarm clocks are an object to be thrown at the wall. If you tell yourself what time you need to get up your mind will allow you to wake up then.

We know what needs to be done at specific times and other things do not fit into a time frame. The animals let me know when it is time to feed them. Their internal clock goes off and they want to be fed now. The first one fed is the one that usually wakes me up.

She gets confused sometimes when she is up at 3:30 am and I tell her so. Then when everyone else gets fed at the regular time she thinks she should be fed again. I guess everyone gets off their schedule sometimes. I just run her back outside with her food and go back to bed.

I just work around the feeding schedule with my other chores and working online. It is nice to have the freedom to be flexible. If someone drops by you can always make up your time later. Even if you get on the phone with a friend that is long-winded you can be surfing with the sound down and get more done.

Time management is a thing that you need to work on. When I got some comments about keeping up your goals, a comment was left that he had all his days planned for the rest of the year. That is stupendous planning to stay ahead of the game.


Friday, August 8, 2014

I Am Back With Jack!

I am not talking about Jack Daniels either. It is astonishing that he had his own show the year I was born. He was a legend in his own time, especially going through a rough childhood and then turning his life around.

I was exercising with Jack Lalanne back when I was in my mid twenties and his programs work. He had us working through the commercial breaks. It was nice to see how good you could look after just a few months.

I found his programs on Youtube without the commercials, so the program is only 24 minutes long but still enough to get the results that you want and expect. The programs are in black and white but it is wonderful that someone that has passed is still helping people get in shape. What a great attitude he had to help people.

Working out is fun when you can see the improvements not just in your body but your mental outlook as well. We need to stir up the blood and realize we only get one chance to keep our bodies healthy and fit. He also helps you with tidbits about your nutrition.

When we are working online we should reach our people with the same skill and pleasant attitude. We need to remember we are all people and have the same feelings and wants about working online. I know that if someone is going above and beyond to help me, that I will be back to use their talents or advertising again.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Under The Big Tent . . . Magic of Cover

The construction of a tent is amazing. When you look at all the seams that have been put together to create it. They put it up every year for the electric company meeting picnic. I would love to see it going up because it probably takes a crew to make it go. The employees are all garbed in matching T's for the event. This is the only cover that you have from mister sun in the summer heat.

They make it a big deal with hot dogs and chips and bottled water or soda and ice cream sandwiches for dessert. I figure that is the only thing keeping all the people there and waiting for the draw of the door prizes. There was 628 people and only 103 door prizes so your chances of winning is one in 6.

I asked the driver of one of the golf carts if they owned them and he said no they just rent them for the event. It helps out with the elderly getting back and forth to their cars. He said, "I am going golfing later." He said it was not to bad because he belonged to the club in town.

It is nice to take time away from work to be with other people, with the freedom of working at home this is a plus. I met one of the girls I used to drive with when I drove the school bus. It got so bad she moved to another town to drive.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Energize Your Monday

Start a new week with a brand new attitude of getting your business on track. Get the schedule in place and stick to it. We all know what our strengths are and that is a good thing to keep in mind.

What are your goals, are you going to use Monday to set up your plans for the rest of the week? Just cover all your bases in a set amount of time. Do the work that you need to concentrate on early so you are fresh. The menial tasks of surfing can be done later when you are through with the demanding tasks at hand.

Have you figured out which days of the week is the strongest for your advertising? If so then when you buy advertising use those days to get the strongest response rate. I have found the best days are in the middle of the week and that is when I load up the advertising. If you use the text ad exchanges the advertising will fall into the weekend. The people that are at the grind through the week are home looking for a way to make a second income, or replace the one that they are not happy with.

What is a budget killer? I left a message to get my male dog fixed and then I realize it is not time for another check yet. Making dependable residual income that you can depend on will help you keep your budget in line. We work hard but some programs pay when they are ready with a very large payout number. I like the ones that stay with a small number and you do not need to ask for a cash out.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

How Do You Make Connections?

How do you make connections? Sometimes it is so easy other times we are reluctant to try. Does it get easier with our time spent online? It takes time to have a true trusting relationship. Some of us have gotten burnt by people we thought we could trust and it takes time to learn how to trust again.

My friend said if the divorce goes to fruition that she would not trust again. I told her that she has been through a very tough life and if she finds someone that will treat her right it will make up for all the trials she has been in. This was not just mental it was physical pain brought on. I mentioned that the cycle continues and she should have aborted a bad situation a long time ago. Needless to say I was not allowed to speak to her because she started to stand up for herself.

Image result for divorce pictures

When you have people on your list then let them start seeing all the sides of your personality. Open up some of your personal experiences and they will relate to you in many ways that they could not before. We are all intricate, wonderful people and there is more things good about us than bad so it is okay to share.

I have some people that have become good friends and never met them in person. Then there is the ones that only contact me when they want something. If they take time to reach out it is still a good thing.

Image result for Happy pictures

Monday, July 28, 2014

Is Change Good?

Is Change good? If it is breaking old habits and starting good ones, than yes it is. If it is something you have no control over than it is something you are going to have to learn to live with.

When people talk about becoming an empty nester you think that will not happen to me. The good sign is that you lived long enough to become an empty nester. I remember being a young person with a little baby and seeing older people. Now it is the reverse I am that older person. Time sure creeps up on us faster than we know. I think it was better when the grand boys were here. It is wonderful to see everything from a young persons happy point of view.

When we find things that work well in our business it is nice to share so we can give others shortcuts. They are happy to learn about easier ways to accomplish the jobs to save time. We are all trying to make some money but without being locked to our computer all day.

I think the barter system should be a thing of our present. I guess that is why some sites like Fiverr show up. They give of their talents for a few bucks. This helps us as we can give the task to someone else and tackle some more important duties. I look for the specials they run with a buy one get one free down the line. Make sure you look at their qualifications and the response from their customers.

Friday, July 25, 2014

What is a Challenge?

What is a challenge? Sometimes it is just getting out of bed with a happy attitude. The whole day brings on more challenges. Dealing with people is hard to do.

I found people on the property spraying and called the electric company. I got the okay to tell them to stop. I still have to wait and see if any of the animals fall sick from all this poison. I told the person on the phone that I could smell the poison in my house. I use a fan to stay cool but I think it was bringing more of the bad fumes inside.

After they disappeared I took the hose out and sprayed water on as much of it as I could reach. They have never invaded the space this close before. He said, It is okay? I go no it is not! I said the sling blades fine but the poison no, no, no! I think there is too many shortcuts and the environment needs to be protected, as well as the animals.

The first guy said no English??? I go let me talk to the boss, then phoning the company. I had a problem with the last ones cutting too many tree branches. Then they left the debris behind.

Everyday is different and we find many challenges. I have been trying to be a sound board for my friends as they go through some challenges of their own. We can only be as good a friend as we can and listening seems to help in all situations.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You Can Never Give Too Much!

Charity they say starts at home but it sends out waves in many directions. If you show you care about others then it will definitely rub off on the little ones. I did meals on wheels for several years and the children enjoyed the older people. I think the older people got a kick out of the little ones, this may be what they looked forward to more than the meal itself.

When you give it will come back to you. I get plenty of mails asking for money to help animals, the parks and keeping people well. Then at Christmas time I get presents from them to remind me that they are so happy I helped. Remember to open those important envelopes and give with a glad heart.

My friend uses Thanksgiving as a way to show her boys that is is better to give. They help serve meals to people that have no where else to go. This gives them a sense of helping out in the community and getting the blessings of the holiday too.

It is never to early to get the giving bug ingrained in the new generation coming up. They need to concentrate on giving as a way of real life and not just the me syndrome. It goes along the line of communication and exercise which people are not getting enough of. Now everyone has a cell phone up to their ear and cannot take time to talk to people. It is a sad situation when there is not a connection between the human race. You can make someones day just by expressing good conversation and a happy smile.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Overwhelmed With Too Many Choices

What do you do when you have so many choices? It is better to go ahead and make a decision to work with one program. When you focus on one it makes promotion easier. You can add your URL to your signature file in your emails.

You can add your URL to classified ads these are working for a long time. Some will last as long as 6-9 months. Posting classifieds are a slow way to get your ad out but if you use a submitter than your job will be faster and it will go to many places. Allow one day just for adding your promotion to classifieds.

Then you can surf and put out ads the rest of the time to make sure that people find your program. Make your own splash pages and this will attract people, they see the same-o ads and when you delight them with something new they will check it out.

It takes a long time for people to decide where they are going to settle in to promote. Just because a new program comes out does not mean you have to join. You will notice that there are plenty of new programs coming out each day.

If you find one that you enjoy then upgrade to lifetime. You know that there is only so much you can do in one day so limit yourself. Time spent on the ones that are delivering the goods are what you are looking for. When you do upgrade to lifetime there is no surprises later when your charged again for a yearly or monthly subscription.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Absolutely Everything . . . The Whole Package is Here

Building takes time . . . Even building your sites downline takes a momentous amount of time. You need to make a commitment that you will last to see it grow. It is just like when you plant the seed and wait for it to grow there is definitely a patience factor. We know it says 10 days to germinate, but we want to see it faster.  With your sites it is a slow go for a while.

You need to continue to advertise to get the message out to the masses that you are wanting to see results. The advertising will help everyone, but there needs to be a reason they signup and return to your site. One of my new sites has it all . . . solos, credit mailer, surfing, and ppc and more. This is real exciting having it all in one place. The mailers will not be working until we enlist at least 100 people so there is a reason to send. When you come on board bring your buddies too. Click here

The faster we grow the more you will get out of the site. I forgot what it was like starting at the beginning. The other site has almost 400 people still working on that one too. Progress comes with growing just like moving your promotion along it takes lots of persistence. We know after a time we will see results and that is the plan of action. Mighty good intentions bring success, don't give up because the time and money you have already put in will be wasted.