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Monday, May 12, 2014

Oh the things we learn from our animals...

Oh the things we learn from our animals... It was another hot day! I was watering the plants and the pig "Daisy" was pushing her pool around. I dipped my hand in and you could cook the water was so hot. I took the hose and filled it up and it made the water cooler and the first thing she did was jump in and cool off. She wanted me to know that it would not be refreshing in very hot water and this is the way she likes to cool down. This is Daisy as a little pig she is so much bigger now.

The other thing she just enjoys is being brushed, but we do that after the sun goes down or early in the morning. She is in ecstasy when someone brushes her she will just spread herself out so you can reach more.

The mama bird is tending her eggs she had a nest above the window and I wondered if she would repair it or if it should come down. She put her all into it and it works just as good as new. It is kind of like us when we remodel she added and made it strong for her new clutch. As long as no one goes near it she is cuddling those eggs.


I found another great trick with the goats they were not co-operating so I turned on the nozzle on the hose and they ran like someone was chasing them with dynamite. Now after a few days all I need to do is pick it up and they take off. I sure wish I had known this years ago.

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