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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Get Advertising That Produces and Does Not Break the Bank

You know it is true we all need it. Why? To get the traffic we need to grow our business or any promotion we are doing online. When we can reach a large group of people it is well within our reach to pull out a few bucks and let them mail for us. 
Solo ads work!

Sometimes I see a better response from them during the early part of the week. My friend says she likes to hit her advertising on the weekend to get the people that still have a Job during the week. I like the programs that have the auto send for 7 days fill in the form and they send it for you for the next week without you having to go back.

I made the mistake of sending through a program mailer and the admin told me without the proper URL my advertising was working for others not just myself. I sent another email explaining that I forgot to put the proper link in. We are just human and sometimes it is not right.

Some programs tell us to double check our submissions and that is a good idea if we want the proper ads to rise to the top.

This program even has a way for you to make money as an affiliate. If you need to you can make some money and then go back and buy your own advertising. I have used his site for a few years now with no problems. If you send a support ticket he is right on it making the problem go away. I enjoy admins that are very supportive of their clients.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mega Launch 2015 Here To Stay.

Starting a new year and working to turn around the success rate. How do you do this you ask? Get into a program that is legitimate.

Know the owner, If they have been around for many years they will be happy to have their name and face placed on their site. They are not hiding from anyone. When you can find a sincere person then it is time to get on board and make your way in the internet process to make money.

We just do not want to become the 97% that is never going to make money on line. Use your history to understand what is happening. When they say they will promote for you, you do not have to do any work, come on, this should tell you that you are looking at a scam. I for one am so tired of the people that are ripping others off when we all need to make some money to make our life easier.

Using the right tools will make your promotion easier too. I like to pass the ones that save time to my down line so they can work more efficiently.

This is a great place to set up your ads with a great value as I am seeing signups come in from here. The new ones that come in will be placed into the lineup so you do not have to go look for them. Signup is so simple you just need to confirm one email as safelists do two.

Best Year EV-ER 2015 Begins Now!

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Terrific times are ours again, tools, ads, 
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Target the success mode and let's make this 
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Friday, January 9, 2015

Time For Prime

New Year starts with a plan to become a $uccess!

Clean slate and now you know it is time to start

If you have taken time to read the eBook, find it inside

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Quit following the herd to make someone else rich.
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