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Friday, May 23, 2014

Summers Delight Coming In To The Holiday

Let's make a deal? I always like a good deal. This one I could not turn down. I said when are you getting more of these? He said, "next day or two." the one I had was going bad but the others did not look great. I had purchased one a day before and they were sweet as candy. He said I will mark it down to a dollar, well that was fifty cents cheaper then he said take them all for five bucks. Well for 9 sweet as candy cantaloupes I said, "bag them."

The cashier said he gave them to you. I go,  no he said I could pay five bucks they were not given to me I had to pay for them. Best buy on fruit, well except for the free ones that we produce ourselves. This gave me something to do in the p.m. I was peeling and cutting the fruit some of it will go to the freezer but in the middle of a hot afternoon there is nothing better. The rest belongs to the pig for a snack and the compost pile to make more good feeder for it.

I am still nurturing the plants at home waiting to see what kind of produce will come. I had a goat thinking she should eat the strawberries not sure if the plants were the draw or the hay that is protecting them but she had one almost consumed and I had to plant the roots again. I could not find the spray handle on the hose fast enough. I had to put this one in this is what summer is all about.

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