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Monday, May 5, 2014

Some Fun Trivia That You Did Not Know

Did you know adaptogens cure your body of all its ills by going to the source that needs to be cured? How can we not go to the natural way to heal? Stay away from artificial drugs. Live long and healthy as you are supposed to.

Did you know that mosquitoes just need a tablespoon of water for five days to become adults? That is fast action and why they are still here pestering us. Solution get rid of standing water and the water that is needed for your animals you can add mineral oil so that it will suffocate the larvae.

Did you know that pigs shed their teeth like sharks do? I found out this little bit of information when I fed my pig a carrot and she rewarded me with a tooth. I had to look up what was going on? It is a natural thing that happens to them.

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