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Friday, May 2, 2014

This is Absolutely Too Good To Pass Up!

I hope you had a pleasant May Day! Here comes summer! Seasons seem to change faster as we get older, not sure quite why. I enjoy it when everything turns green except for the snakes invading my chicken pen.

I feed the chickens and want the eggs for myself. I am going to sprinkle lime inside and out to see if that will help and staple up the leftover screen to let the air blow in and keep the sneaky snakes at bay.

This is better than a banana split with all your favorite toppings. When someone offers to help you out with six months of product and get your people in your downline too. My products are coming today. I looked in my back office and I already have a person below me.

Usually it happens someone says join and I will help you. This time it happened for real, they put their money where their mouth was. I was in this company before and I know their products are superb so it was an easy YES!

If you would like to participate let me know and we will get you in with the very same deal. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

My email address that I use all the time is

Thanks guys for stopping by today!