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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Schools Out . . . Temperatures a Rising

Schools out in most areas! The temperature is rising. It is the good old hot summertime. I checked one of the tubs with water and there are plenty of tadpoles swimming around. I filled up one of the dogs water buckets and there was a big frog in there. I guess they can get out when they are tired of swimming.

I am also seeing a lot more chipmunks. One goes under the horse trailer I call him Skippy. The cardinals and doves stay inside the goat pen looking for food the goats left behind.

I am keeping my eyes open for the giant turtle that wandered through the yard last year. He had to be old he was huge. He surveyed the yard checked out the goat pen and went along his merry way. There are some good things to not having an air conditioner you tend to go outside to get some cooler air.

I have found the perfect place for a hammock on the days it is not drumming in the sky. It has been doing that with no production of rain. I just unplug the computer and find something else to do until it is done.

I rescued an umbrella at the recycle center and the dog is using it to keep the sun away during the high noon heat. I thought about using it for the pig but she has her own shade when the sun goes over I am going to add some more cover for her that reflects the sun. I change her water frequently so she can wade in to cool off.

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