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Friday, April 4, 2014

What Do We Do To Stimulate Traffic?

Advertising is our lifeblood for traffic to our promotions. Without traffic our site and all the work we put in is essentially dead in the water.
What do we do to stimulate traffic to our site. Using ads effectively is one thing that will help. This is a learning process. When you look at other ads that keep your attention study them. Find out how the author has kept your interest.
Classified ads are very short and to the point. You have to shorten it down to the essentials to get your point across. You only have one chance to get their attention to your ad. The competition is steep. 
Four points to convey you will need to attract the attention of your prospect, get their interest in your product or promotion. Form the desire that will get them to follow through. It is up to you to demand action on their part. Tell them what you want them to do. 
If the ad is not read, it will not bring any signups or sales. If it is not seen by people, then it cannot be read, no matter how well you have setup your ad. The need here is that you have to grasp the attention of the reader to get the action that you want derived from your ad. 
When you use classified ads this is a way for you to test the waters without losing money. Don't use the big ad money until you have an ad that does what you projected for it to accomplish.

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