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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

To Be a Serious Nut or Not?

Watch decisive movements and indecisive movements. A chipmunk will make the decision and cross the road to safety if he is running fast enough. A squirrel on the other hand is very indecisive he will dart and play chicken and get smashed into the pavement.

Are you going to be a chipmunk and do your due diligence and keep a sharp eye out and go for it? Or are you going to be like the squirrel and not have a clue how to make a decision to further your business.

Nature does play fascinating games with the critters that are sharing mother earth with us. If you slow down enough to watch them you can learn from them in many ways. Just like the ants we knock their mounds down that does not stop them from growing their home right back.

We are having a time getting through all the April showers. Tomorrow is May day and we can celebrate the coming of the flowers. When the dogwoods fade here come other blooms to take their place. The blooms are already on the blackberry bushes.

The wind has taken out many a tree branch and pruned them yet again. Off with the old and on with the new to renew our experience in nature. Enjoy your time in the wild and learn and enjoy the pleasures of nature. We need to set time off from our work at home desk to not forget what our surroundings have for us.

Enjoy your May Day With Sunshine in Your Heart if it is not in the Sky!
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