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Friday, April 25, 2014

I Don't Want To Give Up, Do You?

Do you use video? It is well known how effective commercials are on the entertainment medium of television. Using it in your site and blog will continue to bring interest to your promotion. If we want to keep up to date then we need to learn how to use new tools. So much can be conveyed very easily with a short film. It can be made with your own video camera and microphone right from your computer.

The system I use is Mind Movies, they have creative titles, music and pictures or you can load your own. Here is one of my favorite ones you can add a URL to the end of your movies here. Add the code to your site and bring your thoughts to life. Very inspirational and you can publish and send to places such as YouTube or save it for your own use. There are other places to send the published movies too and you can get the code and use it on your own site.

Making your movies with the information about your products will help people grasp your whole picture. If you are just trying to get the data about how your company runs this can be conveyed so much faster with a short video. These can be updated and replaced to keep your blog or site with new search engine friendly info.

Adding your video to your social media will encourage people to check out your website. Keep it short and to the point, this will help your audience learn about your products. Sometimes videos are used for entertainment and putting it on the social sites will gain a larger audience. There are programs that have used videos for a platform to include the call to action after the video starts to run.

Have a good time making movies, this comes across as the real you. Isn't this what you want people to know. IBO toolbox has a place to put movies now and they are business friendly! You will not have your movies removed because they are about your biz.