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Friday, April 11, 2014

Easy as 1-2-3 to Keep Your Sanity

Easy as 1-2-3 to keep your sanity. Working at home and running a family can cause an undue amount of stress if not done correctly.

You want the home business to succeed. How do you accomplish this? Does a schedule help you keep track of what you need to do. I think the Google calendar is great if it is something you will do every week, then set it up to continue weekly. Can some of the house chores be done on one day of the week? This way you can delve into your work without worrying about that.

You want your family to be happy. Our family comes first and foremost, so keeping them happy is on the top of the list. Take the family for field trips and just let work be there when you get back. Some work is automated and you will still see results when you come home. Take a day out early in the week to prepare the meals and snacks you will need. When you are too tired to cook warm up a casserole.

You want to have time for yourself to unwind and become stress free. There are times when you can take time out, like when the children are taking their naps or at school. We cannot become a slave to the computer we need to know what to get done and leave the rest to another day. I find meditation works to help relieve some stress in midday and helps your focus.

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