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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Are You Saving Money Going Pro?

Have you considered going Pro? What does this mean in the programs you are using online? The benefits are numerous and if you have the money, upgrading will certainly save you time. It will also save you money if it is for a lifetime purchase.

When you look and see how much these monthly amounts add up to it can get out of control. When we get into the journey of working online than we need to understand we do not want to spend way more than we are making. The free versions take more time, but it is still a good thing to think about. When you have made money with your promotions then it is time to upgrade.

I would rather pay the lifetime and with the many OTO's (one time offers) that is an excellent time to jump on them. The money is spent and no more payments unless you want to purchase credits or solo ads to further your promotion. Even these will be less expensive if you are an upgraded member. If you have not opted into the OTO, then you can watch for specials that will appear days or weeks later.

Just like the programs with banner shows if it is an unlimited promotion, it is well worth spending a few bucks to have your advertising continue. These are working for you 24-7 and an excellent form of advertising.

Keep an eye out for specials on solo ads too. They are out there, sometimes it is good to wait for the holidays when they promote bargains knowing that people have gotten holiday money to spend. Why not save when you can and they can be stored for your next big promotion or product sale.