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Monday, April 14, 2014

Ghostwritng For Online Profits

Do you like to write? If you want this to be your job online then you need to determine what kind of writing you want to do. If you want to write under your name then there will not be as many jobs.

Most people are looking for someone to write their articles or posts and they will take credit for what you have written. You will be a ghostwriter and get paid for working for others this way.

What kind of credentials do you need? To be professional you need to have everything in your correspondence spell checked and grammar correct. This starts with your emails to your clients. Get an email just for your writing with your first and last name. You do not necessarily need your own website to start but later on it would be more professional to have one.

If you see an advertisement for content writing this is for a website that is already established. They need articles and prefer not to write them. When they want articles with keywords of their choice they are working terms that can lead clients to their site. You will need to add the keyword several times inclusive of the article.

Where do you find work on the internet? Looking in the classifieds, freelance writing job sites and online boards will start your search. Now there are sites that have jobs listed so you can apply or signup to become a ghost writer on their site so clients can contact you. These sites are becoming more plentiful and they charge by the job, if you do send contact information include some samples that you have written. Writing for the internet is usually a short read 400-800 words. This is about all the attention span of the readers are interested in when they are reading on a computer monitor.
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