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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Traffic Discovery For Our Blogs

Blogging is an art form of expressing yourself. When you have your blog working and adding more content to it to keep it fresh, how do you get traffic? When you set up your blog you are thinking about what types of people that you are writing for. The blog directories will send people to your blog based on what you have included about your blog.

There are places such as blog directories that will help with the traffic to your new blog. They need for you to register and list all the perks of your blog so they know where to place it in the categories. This is a very simple procedure you know the ins and outs of your blog. Just list them and they will give their approval within a few days to let you know if you can be included.

Some will ask for your social site login URLs'. If they have upsales you have to determine what is good for yourself? When to say yes if you want more targeted traffic? If you want to jump to the front of the line for approval they will charge for this too. If you like the service consider putting a widget on your blog, so others can contact them.

References and are good places to start.

These are places you can visit other people's blogs. Make new friends if they have chat capabilities. We all have the same goals in mind if we are working or adding value for people online.  Get ideas of new posts for yourself. Sometimes we just need new ideas of where to start for more posts.

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