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Monday, April 7, 2014

How To Get Your Spelling Spot On?

Do you realize the importance of leaving the clients with a good opinion of your writing. There is always room to improve but you need to keep your spelling correct. This leaves your clients knowing that you care about what you are doing.

I have the same feeling, I want to see that someone has taken the time to keep the spelling right on their site. It is something that is easy to do. You can use the spell checker to help you out but you will still need to proofread it or have someone else do it for you.

The spell checker will find words that are not the same in meaning for example: for and four they are spelled correctly but they are used different ways. Some newer words will not have the correct spellings in the spell checker and you will need to look them up.
Always know even with technology and spell checkers at your fingertips the best spell checker is you. You cannot replace our brains totally. It is a good tool to start your proofing.

Sometimes you think everything is right and if someone else proofreads for you they will find what you have read over and not found. You could be reading it as what you were thinking and it just does not click with you.

Correct your spelling in all your writing online and leave people with a good impression of your work. It takes a little time, but to do your job right this is uppermost in importance. This one is Bilingual, copy your message, blog post, article and click check at the bottom.

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