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Friday, July 25, 2014

What is a Challenge?

What is a challenge? Sometimes it is just getting out of bed with a happy attitude. The whole day brings on more challenges. Dealing with people is hard to do.

I found people on the property spraying and called the electric company. I got the okay to tell them to stop. I still have to wait and see if any of the animals fall sick from all this poison. I told the person on the phone that I could smell the poison in my house. I use a fan to stay cool but I think it was bringing more of the bad fumes inside.

After they disappeared I took the hose out and sprayed water on as much of it as I could reach. They have never invaded the space this close before. He said, It is okay? I go no it is not! I said the sling blades fine but the poison no, no, no! I think there is too many shortcuts and the environment needs to be protected, as well as the animals.

The first guy said no English??? I go let me talk to the boss, then phoning the company. I had a problem with the last ones cutting too many tree branches. Then they left the debris behind.

Everyday is different and we find many challenges. I have been trying to be a sound board for my friends as they go through some challenges of their own. We can only be as good a friend as we can and listening seems to help in all situations.