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Friday, August 15, 2014

Here It Comes Again . . .

Summer brings another birthday for Mom and Dad wanted to remind me. I had one Leo myself so that reminds me of Mom's birthday.

I tell them to keep having birthdays so I will play catch up. Sure right I want them to outlive me or at least get into the 100's many people are doing that now. If they would stay away from doctors I know they would last longer. They are in the same mode as most old folks thinking doctors know it all. Not!

I like to send cards or presents that way it will not fit into the mailbox and the mailman has to hand deliver it. I think that is special! I went and got the pictures first this time. Last time my press release was typed and when I went to get pictures it was gone. I just walked away and tried to calm down before starting again.

The farrier came and the horses have pretty feet now. The older one was showing out during the last foot. The young one was great the whole way. I just did not want them to step on his injured feet. We got done and he was no worse for wear. He had his crutches in the truck but he just walked carefully and made it fine.

I told him how to back up but he either just did not listen or had it in his mind to do it his way. He ended up breaking a few things but I told him not to worry. I see why kids have problems when the adults do not listen either. I will give him credit where credit is due he is a super farrier and he doesn't make you wait to see him.