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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dog Days Are Here Again

A picture says it all! How to stay cool during dog days. The heat is fierce in the day and too warm at night. A few hours in the early morning and then the furnace is at work again.

This is how the pig relaxes in the dog day afternoon. She still tells me when she wants a cool mist from the hose. Other times she just dumps her bowl of water refreshes with a drink and then spills the rest and lays right down. All of her long hair has fallen out and she is left with spiky hair on her body.

Chickens are doing the same, losing the feathers to make room for the new ones that help them weather through the winter.

Getting hay for the horses I am getting pine cones and sprigs of pine tree dropped from above. I am sure they are getting fat for the winter sleep. I put the sprigs of tree branches in the goat pen. I never really thought about the tree parts being deposited by rodents.

I made an appointment with the farrier to work on the horses feet. He said, "where are they do I need to chase them down". He said he is on crutches after taking a spill in the water and landing on rocks and injured himself. Sometimes we have to act our age. It is hard to do that when we are enjoying the water to stay cool. The rocks in the creek get very slippery. I am sure he was having fun up to that time.