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Friday, August 8, 2014

I Am Back With Jack!

I am not talking about Jack Daniels either. It is astonishing that he had his own show the year I was born. He was a legend in his own time, especially going through a rough childhood and then turning his life around.

I was exercising with Jack Lalanne back when I was in my mid twenties and his programs work. He had us working through the commercial breaks. It was nice to see how good you could look after just a few months.

I found his programs on Youtube without the commercials, so the program is only 24 minutes long but still enough to get the results that you want and expect. The programs are in black and white but it is wonderful that someone that has passed is still helping people get in shape. What a great attitude he had to help people.

Working out is fun when you can see the improvements not just in your body but your mental outlook as well. We need to stir up the blood and realize we only get one chance to keep our bodies healthy and fit. He also helps you with tidbits about your nutrition.

When we are working online we should reach our people with the same skill and pleasant attitude. We need to remember we are all people and have the same feelings and wants about working online. I know that if someone is going above and beyond to help me, that I will be back to use their talents or advertising again.