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Monday, August 4, 2014

Energize Your Monday

Start a new week with a brand new attitude of getting your business on track. Get the schedule in place and stick to it. We all know what our strengths are and that is a good thing to keep in mind.

What are your goals, are you going to use Monday to set up your plans for the rest of the week? Just cover all your bases in a set amount of time. Do the work that you need to concentrate on early so you are fresh. The menial tasks of surfing can be done later when you are through with the demanding tasks at hand.

Have you figured out which days of the week is the strongest for your advertising? If so then when you buy advertising use those days to get the strongest response rate. I have found the best days are in the middle of the week and that is when I load up the advertising. If you use the text ad exchanges the advertising will fall into the weekend. The people that are at the grind through the week are home looking for a way to make a second income, or replace the one that they are not happy with.

What is a budget killer? I left a message to get my male dog fixed and then I realize it is not time for another check yet. Making dependable residual income that you can depend on will help you keep your budget in line. We work hard but some programs pay when they are ready with a very large payout number. I like the ones that stay with a small number and you do not need to ask for a cash out.