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Monday, August 11, 2014

Time Management

I like the idea of not wearing a watch or depending on an alarm clock. As far as I am concerned alarm clocks are an object to be thrown at the wall. If you tell yourself what time you need to get up your mind will allow you to wake up then.

We know what needs to be done at specific times and other things do not fit into a time frame. The animals let me know when it is time to feed them. Their internal clock goes off and they want to be fed now. The first one fed is the one that usually wakes me up.

She gets confused sometimes when she is up at 3:30 am and I tell her so. Then when everyone else gets fed at the regular time she thinks she should be fed again. I guess everyone gets off their schedule sometimes. I just run her back outside with her food and go back to bed.

I just work around the feeding schedule with my other chores and working online. It is nice to have the freedom to be flexible. If someone drops by you can always make up your time later. Even if you get on the phone with a friend that is long-winded you can be surfing with the sound down and get more done.

Time management is a thing that you need to work on. When I got some comments about keeping up your goals, a comment was left that he had all his days planned for the rest of the year. That is stupendous planning to stay ahead of the game.