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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

You Can Never Give Too Much!

Charity they say starts at home but it sends out waves in many directions. If you show you care about others then it will definitely rub off on the little ones. I did meals on wheels for several years and the children enjoyed the older people. I think the older people got a kick out of the little ones, this may be what they looked forward to more than the meal itself.

When you give it will come back to you. I get plenty of mails asking for money to help animals, the parks and keeping people well. Then at Christmas time I get presents from them to remind me that they are so happy I helped. Remember to open those important envelopes and give with a glad heart.

My friend uses Thanksgiving as a way to show her boys that is is better to give. They help serve meals to people that have no where else to go. This gives them a sense of helping out in the community and getting the blessings of the holiday too.

It is never to early to get the giving bug ingrained in the new generation coming up. They need to concentrate on giving as a way of real life and not just the me syndrome. It goes along the line of communication and exercise which people are not getting enough of. Now everyone has a cell phone up to their ear and cannot take time to talk to people. It is a sad situation when there is not a connection between the human race. You can make someones day just by expressing good conversation and a happy smile.