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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Lost Art of Homesteading

The lost art of homesteading. We get credit on our taxes for having a good share of land as a homestead exemption. You can also get credit for conservation if you have over 12 acres.

When I was younger we homesteaded. We lived on the land, 40 acres and had to clear 5 acres and plant a crop, which we did we planted oats.

I remember picking up little branches and putting them into a pile. We would save our dimes and nickels for the once a month trip to town. We kept our money in an old paint tin that used to house water colors. I remember at least 3 buggies full of food going back to the cabin.

We ended up putting a small cabin above the clearing, it had to be removed as people were putting out their cigarettes inside.  It was nice to have a shelter when we took people to visit.

The one we lived in was further down the mountain and we had no indoor plumbing and the toilet was housed in the back constructed of four doors. Hence the name, no one really knew what you were talking about when you said the four doors.

Dad had to go look for our dog one night, she had so many snowballs stuck to her that she was weighed down.

We had a little mailbox that the neighbor would leave comic books in for us. That was a real treat that we looked forward to.

I told Mom that I remember the awful bath days and I was the third one in the tub, it is funny how you remember smells from the past. She said I was the last one to use the water. We had water brought up in 5 gallon cans like the army used.

I think I only missed one day of school and Mom had gotten the jeep stuck. We returned to the mountain often to pick blueberries.

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