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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Traffic From Forums . . . Easy . . . Just Add Your Sig File

How to get valuable traffic to your website or blog. Look for forums that are related to your website so you are finding people in the same niche.

Use your keyword and add forum to find the ones that apply to your subject.

Register so you can add your content and a signature file that will direct them back to your site. Very simple add your user name, email and password and you are ready to go.
If they allow you to add your signature file then post it after your comment or discussion. 

If they do not allow you to post a signature file look for others that do. You are trying to get traffic to your site.
Look for the views of the posts you want to find ones that have big numbers that will tell you people are interested in what has been posted.

If you have a question about a new site you started ask others to check it out and give you comments or suggestions. It is human nature to want to help someone. When they are at your site they will be clicking on ads that are there. This is good traffic.

Do not blatantly advertise on the forums the moderators will remove it. It takes finesse to insert your comment and add a signature file to direct traffic.

This will bring traffic for many days from your effort of one. Do not ignore the effectiveness of bringing in traffic this way.


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