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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Happy Endings Just in Fairy Tales?

There is only happy endings when you get enough traffic to your sites to bring in profits.

There are many ways to get people to your site. Sites that you join will give you banners and text ads to promote advertising. 

This is truly a big biz in the online presence because we all need the traffic. 

Some sites are activity related if you login daily you will be rewarded with credits or points.

Being consistent will bring more traffic, sending out your ads every day. 

Using popups will bring more traffic to your site too. I know, I know who likes a popup. When you get a good one it shines whatever you are promoting. 
This is a plugin that finally worked and it is wonderful, now that I can get it to work then I can change it to ads that follow the seasons. 

I have downloaded many plugins but this one had a place to contact a real person with a phone number. I told him easy is never really easy. 

He helped me get it done and I was so pleased and if you are looking for a great popup just send me an email and I will be happy to share.

Building up traffic takes time use your blogs, your social sites and use your signature file in your emails to direct the people to your promotion.

When you do all the tedious workings it will help you find people that are looking for the same programs that you are sending ads out about. Do not lose site of the happy ending it will come.