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Monday, March 17, 2014

Succeeding Starts With New Beginnings

How do you stay in touch with your members? You have brought people in with your squeeze page, now what? Your auto-responder is one of the necessary tools to get your business started. Your auto-responder messages will fill them in with followups that explain more about the niche they signed up with you for. You can also monetize your followup messages starting with the thank you page. Give them more than they expect. If they are trying to get more traffic to their promotion then introduce programs that will help them bring in traffic, be it from traffic exchanges, safe lists or viral mailers you have experience with.
If they are trying to make money then introduce them to programs that you have successfully made money with. You will keep your followers when you have delivered on what they need. Train them to click on your mailings, encourage them to go to your blog, or your website. Get them in the habit of doing this from the very beginning. In the auto-responder you can set up your followup, spacing it out in the number of days of preference. How often you will correspond with them is up to you. Try to stay in touch on a regular basis. The broadcast can be sent once or twice a week. Give value when you contact your people if you have found a tool that works excellently then pass it on.
They will know that when you send them from the email to another site that they will get more quality information. 

Enjoy your time on line!
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