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Friday, March 28, 2014

You Do Not Have To Be A Monk To Do This!

You do not have to be a monk to do this! The value of meditating has been known for a very long time.
Set aside a short amount of time to meditate.

There are many forms of meditation and they are all beneficial to you. 
Do you want to be successful? 
Do you want better health? 
Do you want to reduce stress in your life?

All these benefits and more come with a special time away from the rigors of your work day.
Find a place away from all distractions and a comfortable chair. If you use meditation CD's then it is a good idea to have headphones. Concentrate on the program and not what you are going to make for supper. This will keep you calm and relaxed and able to cope with your everyday life.

If you are just using a place and time to concentrate on a mantra, use one that is personal to yourself. Repeat it quietly, loudly, as you feel it will help you. The last moments of your session should be in quiet. After that take time to reflect and rise slowly.

Achieve more in the concentration that will inspire you. This will release the stress and allow your brain to think clearer. I feel better if I take time to meditate during the day and it makes life seem on an even keel. If you have not tried it, give it a chance.

This was shared with me and you are welcome to use it yourself. A short session of Fifteen minutes.  
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