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Friday, March 21, 2014

Mentoring What Qualities Are You Looking For?

What is on the top of the list for you when you are looking for a mentor? Patience, guidance, someone that really wants you to improve in your goals working online.
Joining a mentoring program is another tool that will help you learn the skills needed.

I know the first mentor I had was a very skilled marketer not necessarily the most patient but he taught me a lot. He always told me when you start working with someone new "pick their brain" everyone knows something that you do not and you can learn from what they know.
This is so true I still find out shortcuts by listening to others. I also share what I have found to work well for me in my marketing.
Patience goes a long way. When you help others it is a form of mentoring, guidance to help them be confident in their selves. They can pass on what they have learned from you to others they work with.

If you are not happy with one form of mentoring, then try another. Everyone learns in different ways, if the programs with videos works then stick with it. If webinars are a better fit for you then listen and take notes. I enjoy the programs that allow questions at the end, to clarify what was discussed.

Find a mentor that will take the time to understand what you need. Follow through on the training so you will learn the skills in a shorter amount of time. 

Get it all! Everything you need to promote your biz op.