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Monday, January 20, 2014

Mirror Other Blogs to Help Yours Succeed

It just makes sense if you are going to blog and you want traffic. 

Blogger blogs give you an incentive, what is it? When you post it will automatically be sent to your google+ for you. 

This speeds up the traffic to your blog. 

There are other things that will drive traffic too. Using trackbacks from other blogs will help both, you will get traffic from the permalinks that are on others blogs. What is a trackback? This blog post explains simply. It would be as you cc to someone in your email.

Use your label tags that is what helps people find you in Google and other search engines. Not a hard thing to do it is something people forget and this will help build traffic.

Posting consistently is another key factor  getting your blog current in the search engines. Think about your people following your blog they want to see new content and will continue to visit. We do not want to watch the same movie we are waiting with anticipation for the sequel to come out.

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