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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Is Your Computer Running S-l-o-w . . .

I was so ready to throw my computer out the window.

It was running so slow, it was impossible to get anything done. 

It was wait to finish as it had it's own timetable that had nothing to do with mine. 

I wanted to get it done quickly and the computer was not co-operating. 

My friend introduced me to a program that solved that problem. 

Tune-up Utilities will clean the junk and clean your registry among other things.  
It is pretty simple and fast to get it on your machine.

When you add the key code the program is updated and you can use it forever. 

Great program to use after a full day of working, set it and keep the speed up for the next day. 

I have since introduced it to my friends and they say the computer runs like a dream. What a difference.

Sometimes the dinosaurs need to be revamped until we can purchase a new computer and this is the tool to do just that.

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