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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Catchy Title Will Capture Peoples Attention

I am sure you are like me we go to the emails and prepare our swipe file. A swipe file is where you put titles to use later.

We take the titles that capture our attention and put them in the swipe file for future use.

You can do the same with email copy. Some people can write in a way that it will demand attention. Find out what is inside that copy and learn how to make it your own. 

Determine the hot words and use them in your title and copy. 

If you can put in some keywords in your title that will help you get into the top rankings of the search engines. 

Be dutiful in your writing the title spurs them to read, you need to write so they will want more and more. 

You can use the headline analyzer to get your top-notch titles. Insert them and get the information. Make sure they are what you really want to advertise. 

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