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Friday, February 21, 2014

What is Leads Leap?

The Leads leap program you can use to build your leads. Join for free and run your ad and renew it every two weeks. Remember to add the date to your Google calendar and keep your ad updated.

Earn credits to get your ad seen more times. This is easy to do just view other peoples ads to get credits. Go to the blog they have and the pro ads will be displayed.
 The pro is open for a short time until the quota is filled of 5% of the membership. Your ad is renewed for you, you will get more ad time in the newsletter, blog and on site. Look at the numbers of shows on a pro ad as opposed to a free one. You will also get random referrals.
Either way it is a good way to get your leads and advertising working for you. Don't ignore sites that have been around for a good long time. There is a good reason for that. Invite your friends and get credits. 

Get your own widget for your blog with advertising on it. Just go to your layout and add the html code and it will be shown on your blog. This will earn you more credits to show your own ad. You get 100 free advertising credits when you join.

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