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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Make New Friends But Keep The Old . . .

Still true today. We sang this in the Brownies and Girl Scouts. 

I was talking or texting a new guy in Facebook. He said he never calls new people. I said "why?" I guess he is like a bunch of us we do not want people to shun us.  


We need to break out of our shells and make some new friends. He told me he just uses paid signups. They are still people and if he wants his down line to get stronger then he needs to be able to talk to them. Or at the very least keep abreast of helping them with questions in his personal emails. They might be bashful too, but you will not know until you make the first move.

I enjoy hearing from new people and sharing what I do and what they do. We can learn from each other, which only makes us stronger in our work ethics.

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