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Monday, February 16, 2015

I Post Cards 4 Profit

DigiSoft Payline is expanding the promotion to post cards. Now we can advertise online and offline with the same website that is a marketing arm for DigiSoft Payline. If you do not know how to promote or just do not have enough time to place ads your excuse has been erased.

Anyone that can place a stamp and address label on a post card is qualified to make money with us. Sit down and label and stamp and the mail carrier brings you leads for the program. I am excited as well as others to see this new promotion tool in place.

The postcards are absolutely beautiful so they will be noticed when they come in the mail. Think about it when a postcard shows up in your mailbox there is no competition for your attention. When you have your ad in the emails there are lots of people trying to get your attention,

Summer brings a slow down because like you and I everyone wants to be outside to enjoy mother nature. People still check there mailboxes everyday so they will still take notice of your business.

We already had smart phone advertising, QR codes to add to our business cards that look like one hundred dollar bills. This is just icing on the cake to help the people under you become successful without learning how to be a full fledged marketer.

Take a moment to look this over you will be glad you did. Success in 2015 is now in your future.

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